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Wyoming Search Contact Eloxite for  your lapidary supplies.   The folks at Eloxite Corporation are helpful and will see to it that all of your lapidary needs are met.  We have been doing business with them for over 21 years now and have been more than happy with their service.  You HAVE to check out this site for some gorgeous material! 

If you  are a “rockhound” you’ve got to check this one out! is a combination effort of Bob, from Bob’s Rock Shop, and Rock&Gem Magazine.   I was surfing through this site and was overwhelmed at all of the information available…from how to’s, to chats, to advertising, informative articles – it’s every bit as good as Rock&Gem’s magazine!

Dad’s Rock Shop
Lapidary Equipment, Tools and Supplies  Authentic Black Hills Gold can be found here with super prices!    For years they have been the leaders in styles and trendsetting.  You will note that Roger incorporates their Black Hills Gold leaves, roses, etc., on his arrowhead jewelry!  We carry their line, so if you see something you’d like – give us a call!

Roger started flintknapping (the art of flaking arrowheads the way the Indians did it) several years ago and has become quite efficient in this area as well as that of his beautiful one-of-a-kind custom jewelry gold and silver designs.  In fact, he has made some gorgeous pendants with the arrowheads he has knapped himself..   Roger gained his knowledge on knapping arrowheads from one of the best knappers around, and thru experience! He viewed D.C. Waldorf’s video and things just took off!  D.C. along with his friend, Dane Martin, also have a magazine that is put out quarterly, CHIPS.  It’s a real winner!  You can get more information on CHIPS from Dave and Valarie’s website. You HAVE to check out their site at  through this site, you will be led down many paths, paths we’re sure you’ll return to over and over again!

For the best webhosting on the internet you can’t go wrong with Sunset Dynamics!  … and for only $6.95 per month! offers a super service for a low price. Dale has been doing my pictures for over a year now and she’s great at what she does…and she does a LOT for my pictures.  Among her professional services, she provides the URLs for auctions as well as preserving those special pictures of your ancestors on disk.  I can guarantee speed and professional service from this wonderful lady.


Have you ever read a John Saul book?   John Saul is Adele’s absolute favorite!   He grabs ya (at hello!) in the Prologue!  WOW!   When she picks up a John Saul book, she’s no good to anyone until she puts it down!  You can check out his site at has really come in handy for me when putting a  counter on my auctions at eBay!   There’s more to honesty communications than meets the eye.  Every time I go back to check out this site, I am amazed and what’s going on here!   Scott has come a long way in a short period of time – from counters to image posting!  Stop by and see what Scott can do for you!   And, as always, the word FREE is a winner!

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