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Roger began his hobby in lapidary (rockhunting, cutting and polishing precious and semi-precious stones) in 1961 when he purchased his first commercial machine.  The more he cut and polished, the stronger his desire became to complete his project(s) by complimenting them in only a way “HE” could do, thus sterling silver custom design work.  Sterling silver progressed into gold, rock cutting into flintknapping!   His custom designs have been sought after by many who have become familiar with his craftsmanship.  He has a definitive talent that we felt should be made available to everyone.

Roger’s creative mind never sleeps!

Roger and Adele have been a “Mom and Pop” business since March of 1979, in Wheatland, WY.  At the time, it was just a rock shop; however, over the years Roger’s obvious talents blossomed and he developed quite the expertise in silver designs as well as gold.  When people come in to have him repair jewelry they are surprised to see the overwhelming designs in the showcase.  Jewelry By Bentley truly is a developing art in progress!

Prior to coming to Wheatland, WY and the Wheatland Rock Shop in  1979,  Roger was a sheetmetal worker in Denver, CO.   Although he liked what he was doing, he didn’t like being away from home.   Now the only time he’s away is when he’s rockhunting! or fishing! or hunting!

Adele was a legal secretary in Denver, as well as secretary to the legal counsel for Shakey’s and the Executive VP for the Nat’l Livestock Producers.  After coming to Wheatland she worked as a legal secretary, then as an engineering secretary at the Laramie River Power Station.  Upon taking an early retirement from the plant, Adele began helping Roger in the shop – doing whatever she could to give him free time to do the creating that he loves to do!   Adele loves working with the computer and has become her own webmaster!

Roger has done repair work for over 21 years – gold, silver, setting stones, repronging, resizing, custom work.  If you have any jewelry that requires repairing give Roger a call and make arrangements for that special piece of jewelry to be brought back to life.

In the June 2000 issue of Rock and Gem Magazine, an article written by Mr. Lance Strong, Rock Shops At The Crossroads featured several rock shops in Wyoming and South Dakota.  The Wheatland Rock Shop was privileged to be one of the rock shops!  Below is a picture and a few excerpts from this article.  Our sincere thanks goes out to Lance and Rock and Gem for allowing us to reproduce the following:

“Provided with permission from Lance Strong and Rock & Gem magazine, copyright 2000.”

“Roger has had rocks as a lifetime interest, then moved to cabbing, and next to silverwork. He now also works gold.”
at least as good as “big-name” international custom jewelers, and at a fraction of the price.”
“Roger chips arrowheads and proudly labels them as his work – not misrepresenting them as ancient.” “…nice to have in their own right, they would be a fine gift for traditional archers.”
“He (Roger) believes that the ‘war babies’ of today will want a hobby when they retire, and rocks are it. I certainly hope that he’s right.”