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There may be “gold in them thar hills”, but the quality and craftsmanship can be found at the WHEATLAND ROCK SHOP!

Roger really loves the work he does – and it shows!  As you will see in the gold we have displayed on this page, it’s unique exquisite and outstanding!  If you don’t see something you like here, contact Roger and he’ll create something special JUST FOR YOU!!

Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is our goal!!

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GP-104 – This AMETRINE beauty weighs 7.10 carats and measures .837″ long x .575″ wide.    Truly another one-of-a-kind design by Roger Bentley!$229.95
GP-2 – Outstanding dk green tourmaline weighing 2.05 carats measures .129″ long x .737″ wide.  Roger’s design incorporates the 12k Prospector Gold leaves setting off this stone in unique manner.  Has an 18″ 14k gold chain.$399.95
GP-3 – Lovely pear-shaped amethyst measures .82″ long x .49″ wide.  This stone weighs 15.14 carats.  Comes with an 18″ gold-filled chain.$179.95

    GP-104                                               GP-5                                            GP-6

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GP-104 –
GP-5 – No DNA Please!  Dominican Republic Amber has several well-defined ants.   Set in 14k gold it measures  1.34″ long x .73″ wide.  Comes with an 18″ gold-filled chain.$350.00
GP-6 – 14k gold flower design sets off this .10 point diamond.  It measures .56″ long (including the bail) x .37″ wide.   Comes with an 18″ 14k gold chain.$219.95

 GP-7                                              GP-8                                              GP-9         

All of our pendants come in a nice box for the lovely lady!

GP-7 – Gorgeous replica of the panda coin from China.  The coin is 10k gold – the pendant is 14k gold and measures 1.01″ long (including bail) x .75″ wide. Comes with an 18″ gold-filled chain.$ 89.95
GP-8 – Lovely 14k gold nugget design sets off these beautiful rhodalite garnet (1) and tourmalines (5) stones.  Measures 1″L (includes bail) x 1/2″W.  Comes on an 18″ gold-filled chain.  $ 99.95
GP-9 – Beautiful  chrysoprase from Australia is surrounded by 14k gold “butterfly”.  The stone measures .65″ long x .37″ wide.  The overall pendant measures 1.10″ long x .734″ wide.   Comes on 18″ gold-filled chain.$ 89.95

There are many beautiful pieces in our showcases.  If you would like something special, please let us know!  We might just have what your looking for!

All of our pendants come in a nice box for the lovely lady!

  All of our sterling silver pendants come on an 18″ sterling silver chain and are nicely boxed!

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