Gallery 3


Jewelry by Bentley

Gallery 3

All of the sterling silver pendants in these Galleries are one-of-a-kind and will not be duplicated!

Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product # 17 – Lemon
Chrysoprase from Australia presents an OUTSTANDING
 silver jewelry custom design pendant.   The seafoam

green stone has pleasing patterns characterizing its
beauty.   Measures:  L-1.6″ x W- .8″.
Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product #18 – This
Montana Agate is a clear raindrop shaped cabochon
with well-defined moss patterns.   The clear stones
are so practical as they pick up the color of any
material underneath them accenting every outfit
worn!  This LIGHT ‘N LOVELY silver jewelry custom
design piece is simple and yet designed beautifully. 
Measures:  L-1.4″ x W- .8″.
Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product #19
  – This beautiful Wyoming Youngite stone has a light
blue gray color base with nice red patterns.  The sterling
silver surrounding this stone is designed to be a truly
unique piece of jewelry!   Measures:  L-2.178″ x W-.79″.
Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product #120 – This
 absolutely stunning piece of jewelry is centered with a lovely

piece of Idaho Jasper – the silver design that surrounds it sets
it off in a truly elegant nanner.      Measures:  L-1.86″ x W .90″.
Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product # 121 –
  This truly lovely agate is from Guernsey, Platte County,
Wyoming – it is unique in that the original mine has been
closed for many years.   The silver jewelry design sets off
the stone in a way only an artistic mind could conceive. 
Truly one-of-a-kind!   Measures:  L-1.87″ x W-1.27″.
Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product #22 – This 
WONDERFUL piece of Bruneau jasper hales from

Idaho.  The color blends remind me of a golden
caramel.  The silver design is EXQUISITE in its
draping effect.  Measures:   L-1.97″ x W- 1″.
Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product #23 – This
beautiful BOTSWANA   Agate from Africa has
exquisite bands of varying shades of gray blended
with clear agate and rich browns throughout the stone.
The silver jewelry custom design is OUTSTANDING!
  Measures:   L-1.6″ x W-1.0″.

Silver Jewelry Custom Designs Product # 124 – Wow! 
This is one of MY favorites.   The simple silver design
is the only design that could blend and magnify this
piece!  Exquisite!  The stone is a chert from Glendo,
Platte County, Wyoming, which has been heat-treated. 
Originally, the colors were  of white and creamy swirls.
  Measures:  L-2.32″ x W-1.01″.

  All of our sterling silver pendants come on an 18″ sterling silver chain and are nicely boxed!

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